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October 15, 2012
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.
Firefox Ribbon UI version 2.05 by luxorus Firefox Ribbon UI version 2.05 by luxorus

Languages: English, French, German,
Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Thai

Please report me any bug and send me
new features requests to DA or email.

If you know how to force forward button always visible, please tell me.
If you could translate it to other languages please send me the translation to comment or email (xgolats(at) Please report me bugs and send me new feature requests.

/*version 2.05*/
Cyberfox margin-fix added
Quick access bar fixed (now you can drag there any of these icons:bookmarks, history, new window, copy, paste, cut, print, full screen, sync, magnify, rss channel, Tab Groups) (home button, download button and some plug-ins buttons are buggy)
File button bug in private browsing fixed
Tested on Firefox 25beta, Cyberfox 23 AMD and Intel, Cyberfox 24 AMD
Status-bar background changed to windows default
/*version 2.03*/
30thJune margin-fix for Firefox 22.0 or higher
/*version 2.02*/
29thMay margin-fix for Firefox 21.0
/*version 2.01*/
!!! This version didn't contain theme by mistake. Sorry for that !!!
/*version 2.0*/
8thApril margin-fix for firefox 20.0
some minor fixes
new addon-manager
Thai version by codenameboss officially added
colors of "places"(history+bookmarks) changed to white
3rd party plugins removed.
/*version 1.5*/
1.5.2 expanded tab min-width to 110px
1.5.1 more languages - added
Easier installation
problem with overwriting "prefs.js" - solved
/*version 1.4*/
appmenu-button hover color changed from #3693e3 to #298CE1
appmenu-button font-weight problem in Win8 PRO fixed
color of border changed to semi transparent color
addon Tab Weel Scrool - ADDED
(color of border fit with color of windows) - better solution still finding
urlbar/search bar squared
NAVIGATIONBAR color changed to solid white
color of every border is same rgb (218,218,218)
ugly blue line after navigation bar - DELETED
new page background changed to white
(color of border fit with color of windows)-PLANNED[maybe at next version]
/*version 1.3*/
tab bar more like Windows 8 explorer
problem with unusable 4 positions in titlebar - FIXED
problem with titlebar in maximized mode - FIXED
reduced number of addons:
Stratiform 3.0.1 - DELETED
/*version 1.2*/
easier installation (only drag files to folder)
file button hover and click effects chenged
private browsing had purple file button
tabbar fixed in maximized mode
userstyle divided to Ribbon UI (RTM, COLOR, URL, TEXT)
reduced number of addons:
Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar 1.3.8 - DELETED
Extra Padding When Maximized 1.0 - DELETED
App Button No Text 1.2 - DELETED
/*version 1.1*/
3 languages - added (English, French, Czech)
colors of "Firefox Operalike text-field" - CHANGED
addon Smart location (smart text) 4.7 - ADDED

Thanks to

authors of these add-ons:
Stratiform 3.0.1…
Stylish 1.3…
Smart location (smart text) 4.7…

and thanks to autors of these userstyles:
Firefox Operalike text-field…
Firefox: Bring the Title Back…

and thanks to Daniel Villalobos, who translated this skin to Spanish an codenameboss (Thai)
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witchhunttress Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
this is good work I like the style :) good job and a big thank you
luxorus Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I am glad you like it :D
FloOne Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  New member
Your design looks really good, but I like the new tabs of firefox 29.
I would like to know if it is possible to theme firefox on windows 7 that it looks like firefox on windows 8/8.1.
Example of the differences of win 7/8/8.1
In my opinion I only have to change the background color, but where?
It would be nice if you could help me.
luxorus Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Ok that should be pretty easy.
1. Download Stylish…
2. Go to url about:addons
3. Click on user styles
4. Click on Write new style
5. Type there some name of style it doesn't matter what
6. And copy to the textfield this:
    #nav-bar {background: linear-gradient(rgba(253, 253, 253, 0.45), rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)) !important;}
FloOne Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New member
Thank you for the information with Stylish.
I used this codes:
#nav-bar {background: linear-gradient(rgba(255, 255, 255, 100), rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)) !important;}
#personal-bookmarks {background: linear-gradient(rgba(255, 255, 255, 100), rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)) !important;}
to get the background white.
But I have two problems.
Example of my problem there you can see that the background of the active tab and the startpage/home (Startseite) are not white.
If you can tell me the code for these two elements it would be very nice.Sweating a little... 
luxorus Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Ok with the tab there is little problem I personally try to figure it because of my Firefox Ribbon UI for Firefox 29+ but I still didn't find all things too do what I need. But for you I have advice. the tab is made out of 3 parts which are called: .tab-background-start, .tab-background-middle, .tab-background-end so I hope this might be helpful if not then tell me :D

About the Startseite I don't know in my browser it is not blue but you can try those 2 plugins to get the name of class or id of this element:……
then you will just click the are with right button and click inspect it is really easy to use :D

Hope it help if not just leave me message :D
FaySmash Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
will you update it to work on v29?
luxorus Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yes I am working on it but it is pretty hard Mozilla changed everything and I am absolutely hopeless but don't be sad I am in half way to success :D
FaySmash Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I'm really looking forward to see your result :D  Big thank for your efforts!! I would like it if you would orientate with the design on the MZ8 theme for firefox because I really like that theme but I thik you are able to make a more better looking visual style for firefox. =P (Razz)   And (only a request) do you think you cold be able to change the icons of firefox to which are more looking like windows 8 metro scheme? That would be awesome! And at least, do you think ther is a way to move the menu button from the upper right to the upper left corner and change the menu icon to the firefox lettering that the button looks like the menu button in firefox >v29? This wold be awesome too!! But wait and see how your theme will look like and if there are way to improve the appearance. :) (Smile)   At the end I would like to offer you my help with the more mordern looking icons which I could create for you. But for now, keep up your fantastic work! Clap 
luxorus Featured By Owner 16 hours ago
Wow thank you very much for recommending me MZ8 theme because it looks that this might help me solve problem with new Australis looking tabs :D :D

About the icon it is kinda easy to do so but you have to change resources of firefox.exe so it is impossible to contain it in theme itself but it can be easily done by resource hacker for example. If you want I can teach you how (because it have to be changed after every firefox update). And if you really want to help me with icons for example as you have said I would be glad. In fact working alone on all my projects is kinda hard and tiring :D

About the moving menu button to upper left corner this problem I have solved but unfortunately I have to change something in file named omni.ja which is in parent folder of firefox what makes installation of my theme even more complicated and what means I will have to change it with every firefox update :D . Btw the look on what I am working on and how close to the result I am you can see here:…
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